Kathryn Fitzgerald and Hudson Rouse of Rising Son in Avondale Estates

We're Hudson and Kathryn Fitzgerald Rouse. 

We've always been raised in families that believe it all starts with the soil in the ground and the willingness to get your hands ruffed up and dirty. You just can't make great, farm fresh meals and beverages without it. 

We've been around food for a while, so we know what it takes to make a good lookin' dish that's just plain great for the soul. We wanna do it for blue collar folk, because we hope that it'll fuel our local economy and keep the beautiful tradition of mom and pop shops that have been a staple of Atlanta's workforce.

The name Rising Son (and Daughters) derives from a long heritage of children rising up to the occasion of cookin' up great food while building families and appreciating the ingenuity of artists within that family. And, of course, it also refers to rising with the sun to get ready for a full day's worth of hard work.

So relax, pull up a chair, and join the family for some darn good food.




Tuesday – Friday
Breakfast & Lunch
8am – 3pm

Friday & Saturday
5 – 9 pm

Saturday & Sunday
8am – 3pm


Free parking is available on the street as well as in certain lots in downtown Avondale Estates. Please check the map below to see available free parking lots around the restaurant.



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Biscuits and cocktails in the same place!!

Parking map for Rising Son in Avondale Estates.